Karen Rohr

Karen Rohr, PhD, FNP, NEA, FAANP

Bioethics Program Director


Dr. Karen Rohr is an Associate Professor and the Director of Bioethics at the University of Mary. She launched the university’s first blended MS in Bioethics degree program in 2014 and in May 2017, she assumed Chair of the Institutional Review Board. In addition to leading the Bioethics program, Rohr teaches the Bioethics Practicum and Capstone course. Previous to her position at the University of Mary, she was the Director of Bioethics and Clinical Research at an integrated health care system for 10 years. In this role, she chaired the Ethics Committee and the Institutional Review Board.

Rohr has been a Family Nurse Practitioner for 24 years working in rural and urban primary care clinics in North Dakota and she remains clinically active as a Family Nurse Practitioner at a local wellness center for the elderly. She has been involved in the education of advanced practice nurses as adjunct faculty at the university level by facilitating distant learning courses in Theories and Concepts in Nursing, Critique and Design of Research, Evidence Based Practice, and Health Law and Policy. Rohr became a Fellow in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) in 2012 and was honored to receive the AANP Advocate State Award for Excellence in 2019. In addition, Rohr has served five terms in the North Dakota House of Representatives since she was elected in 2010.

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