The health care industry needs administrators capable of handling complex business and ethical challenges. You can help fill that need—and advance your career—with a health care specialization.

Health care isn’t only the nation’s largest industry, it’s also one of the most specialized. To succeed at a high level, you need business acumen and plenty of industry-specific knowledge. Our health care specialization provides just that, enhancing your operational knowledge and quantitative skills needed to help health care organizations reach their goals. 

Please Note: A specialization is required for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program; and optional for the Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) and Master of Project Management (MPM) program.

What You’ll Learn

Gain advanced quantitative knowledge focused on the successful operations of health care businesses, with an in-depth examination of health care organizations and the American health care system. When you graduate, you will be prepared to:

  • Analyze practices and policies which appropriately address the unique health care laws and regulations health care organizations must follow.
  • Evaluate current issues in health care administration and possible impacts to an organization.
  • Evaluate the contemporary global business environment in an integrated manner to propose business solutions.
  • Demonstrate professional business communication.
  • Interpret results from multiple business support tools to inform decision making.
  • Handle operational tasks focused on accounting and finance.
  • Understand business processes and how to modify them for different situations.