Request a Transcript Review

Your past education can help you get a jump-start toward earning your University of Mary degree. If you’ve ever earned academic credits at a postsecondary school, we can help you use that experience—and the credits you’ve earned—to plan the best course for your online or evening degree. Begin by taking advantage of our free transcript review.

How Do You Request a Transcript Review?

Taking advantage of our free transcript review is simple.

  1. Complete Our Online Form
    Use the form below to provide us with your information and make an official request for a transcript review.
  2. Send Us Your Transcripts
    Mail or email all academic transcripts from the postsecondary institutions in which you earned credits. Only have an unofficial transcript? That’s OK—send in your unofficial transcript(s) now and we can begin the review process immediately! At most schools, you can request official transcripts by going to the National Student Clearinghouse or by contacting the registrar’s office.

    Email unofficial transcripts to:

    Or mail transcripts to:
    Office of Enrollment Management
    University of Mary
    7500 University Drive
    Bismarck, ND 58504

All official transcripts need to be received prior to enrolling in your first class at the University of Mary.