What can you do with a degree from the University of Mary? Pretty much anything you put your mind to! Every day, our graduates are serving others and accomplishing amazing things all over the world.

Check out these success stories from some of our graduates:

Featured Story

Kurt Snyder
After overcoming his own addiction, Kurt Snyder now helps others find recovery.
Kurt Snyder
’91, ‘06

Stories of Career Advancement

  • Erica Hager
    Erica Hager took her home-based sewing business and grew it into a worldwide phenomenon.
    Erica Hager
    BS, 2004; MMGT, 2007
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  • Colton Shoults
    Colton Shoults is an idea machine—an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.
    Colton Shoults
    MSB, Class of 2015
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  • Callie Wachendorf and her family
    Pursuing Your Passions – She went from fashion to health care IT professional and small business owner.
    Callie Wachendorf
    MBA, Class of 2012
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  • Brian Ritter
    When you truly love your home town, you throw yourself into making it thrive. Brian Ritter is a native and lifelong resident of Bismarck, North Dakota, and has worked tremendously hard in his city, which he calls a “shining star,” to capture the strong economic momentum that’s been transforming the region.
    Brian Ritter
    BS, Class of 2005; MBA, Class of 2006
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Stories of Military, Veterans and their Families

  • Jennifer Anderson
    The University of Mary goes above and beyond when it comes to working with military students.
    Jennifer Anderson
    MSB, Class of 2019
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Stories of Benedictine Values

  • Kelly Suter
    Relief nurse Kelly Suter works in the very thick of disaster, always on standby to deploy within 72 hours to a war zone or medical crisis, such as an Ebola outbreak, anywhere in the world, be it South Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, or elsewhere.
    Kelly Suter
    MS in Bioethics, 2017
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  • Joanne Oleksik
    Joanne Oleksik had always felt a strong call to volunteer as a nurse somewhere in the world.
    Joanne Oleksik
    BSN, Class of 2011
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  • Jackie Grunefelder
    Jackie Grunefelder is a lifesaving link to healthcare in rural North Dakota, filling a crucial role for her patients in a sparsely populated state.
    Jackie Grunefelder
    BSN, Class of 1996; MSN, Class of 2005
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