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A Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Mary sets you apart in the competitive world of business, industry, and finance.

Our efficient, manageable program is designed for busy, working professionals like you who desire to be pioneers in business: leaders with intuition, insight, and ingenuity who can craft business strategies and initiatives and see them through to success. 

Coursework within this accredited DBA program is directly relevant to your employment. Earning your DBA will provide you the crucial, in-demand skills you need now to excel in your current position as well as beyond. As an integral part of your studies, you will complete a dissertation. The DBA dissertation process provides an opportunity to create research that applies to your work, life, and mission. As an integral part of your studies, you have the option of completing a research project relevant to your industry or a dissertation. This unique option to choose how you complete your DBA provides an opportunity to engage in topics that directly applies to your work, life, and mission.

But a DBA from the University of Mary does so much more. Beyond making you a decisive leader in the world of business, you will also be steeped in the rich intellectual tradition of Christian, Catholic, Benedictine social thought and its holistic, integrated understanding of the human person. You will be poised to become not just a manager but a virtuous leader with values that transcend the bottom line. You will have the firm foundation and deep perspective to make your business not just a force for profit but also a force for good.

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At a Glance

The average increase in annual income for employees with a doctorate compared to those with a master's degree.

Program Length

As little as 36 months


  • Online with on-campus institutes

Tuition per Credit


Is This the Degree For Me?

Who It’s For

  • Business leaders and executives seeking a terminal degree
  • Professionals interested in setting themselves apart from master's prepared peers
  • Individuals interested in mastering advanced critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Leaders dedicated to the integration of ethics into complex and challenging business environments
  • Industry professionals seeking mastery of quantitative business skills

Career Paths

  • Company Vice President or President
  • C-Suite Executive
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Strategist
  • Executive Business Consultant
  • University Faculty

What You’ll Learn

In our DBA program, you will gain advanced quantitative knowledge focused on successful business practices. When you graduate, you will be prepared to:

  • Develop your abilities in complex problem solving, deep critical thinking, and inspired decision-making.
  • Evaluate the contemporary global business environment in an integrated manner to propose business solutions.
  • Craft innovative business strategies.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in quantitative business methodologies.
  • Complete a practitioners dissertation connected to your current or desired career.
  • Lead operational tasks focused on accounting and finance.

Program Details

Program Information

Please visit our catalog for admission requirements and a full list of our courses.

Your first step is to get in touch with any questions or submit a simple application for admission. After acceptance to the University as a candidate for graduate studies, we will assist you every step of the way toward acceptance into your academic program so you can enroll and begin your classes!

If you are serving or have served our country, we sincerely thank you. Our military services office is here to work closely with active duty, retired, reserve, and eligible family members qualified for military benefits. Learn how we can help you with the application process and review the benefits you have earned.

The following are examples of courses that will be offered for this program. For more information regarding the full list of courses, you can click on the program information link above.

Vocation of a Business Leader

Examine the challenges and the opportunities the business environment presents in socio-economic, technology, finance, marketing, communications, and organizational culture and pursue options that counter the contemporary profit maximization model with a formational vade-mecum (handbook for leadership consultation). 

Practical Research

This course emphasizes applied research processes, addressing problem identification, communication of findings, and various research methodologies. Distinctions between primary and secondary research and exploratory, causal-comparative, and correlational methods will be explored. The curriculum also covers research design elements: questionnaire creation, measurement scales, sampling, power analysis, data collection, analysis, and report synthesis.

Strategies for Building Organization

This course focuses on using information to shape and strengthen organizational strategies, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness, as well as growth. We'll explore organizational development research and its application to enhance organizational performance, emphasizing the need for advanced strategies that unite individuals in the pursuit of truth.

For a full list of fees, visit our Tuition and Fees page.

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We welcome students from various backgrounds, including transfer students from institutionally accredited colleges and universities recognized by the US Dept. of Education and those with military or career and work experience. 

How do I show my previous college, military, or work experience?

  • Official transcripts (if applicable) from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 should be submitted directly to the Office of Admissions.

    • Did you graduate from the University of Mary? Then we’ll get your Mary transcript for you!
    • At most other schools, you can request transcripts by going to the National Student Clearinghouse or by contacting the registrar’s office. 
      • Have your transcripts sent to:
        Office of Admissions
        University of Mary
        7500 University Drive
        Bismarck, ND 58504
      • Or request to send electronic transcripts to
  • Students with previous career or work experience can earn credits for prior learning.
    • You can choose to test for prior learning credits — we convert your test scores into college credit.
    • You can request a portfolio review for prior learning credits. You’ll assemble documentation to show your experience, which will be reviewed and evaluated by an experienced faculty member.
  • Military experience can count towards a degree.
  • All of our programs require you to fill out the general application form in addition to submitting the application fee and your transcripts.
  • Any program-specific requirements you’ll need to submit in addition to the items listed above can be found in our catalog.

At the University of Mary, we review every application on an individual basis, ensuring that the materials you submit are evaluated with care and attention. Reach out to us if you have any questions in filling out your application.

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